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FOAMTASTIC parties are a giant sudsy sensation and clean up is quick and easy!

•    Parties
•    In-House Field Trips
•    Preschools/Daycare 
•    Summer Camps
•    Church/Temple
•    Neighborhood Parties
•    Birthdays
•    Corporate Events
•    Reunions

The foam machine billows our fluffy foam. creating a unique and playful environment. The foam is produced using foam machines that combine water and a foam solution. These machines create a thick, frothy mixture that resembles soap bubbles, which is then released into the party area.

Participants at a foam party can dance, play, and interact with the foam. The foam adds an element of excitement and novelty to the event, encouraging people to let loose and have fun. It's a chance to break free from traditional party experiences and enjoy a unique sensory experience.

Foam parties are often accompanied by lively music, colorful lighting, and energetic vibes, creating a festive atmosphere. The combination of music, dancing, and foam creates an immersive experience that appeals to people's sense of adventure and playfulness.

It's worth noting that the foam we use is safe for children, and dissolves quickly once the party is over.  Text us now and book your foam party.  Tell us you saw the website and receive $25 off your next party!

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