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Do you want your kids and families to smile, laugh and be encouraged to visit your local public library this summer? Of course you do!

Discover our All-New Programs for your library. 

All of our programs feature lots of audience participation.  Since these programs are for libraries, we reference various children’s books to promote your library and encourage reading in a fun and entertaining manner.

As libraries engage children of all ages, these library programs are designed to be suitable for audiences of any age. The best part is that each program is completely self-contained; we provide everything needed including sound system, backdrop, and tables. You just provide the kids!

Fairies, Dragons & Unicorns…Oh My!!

Step into the Fantasy World of Fairy Tales and Myths. There you can meet the characters of your wildest imagination.  We are going “down the rabbit hole” to create a one-of-a-kind, brand new show—Magic, Myths & Merriment!

Your readers may FALL OFF THEIR UNICORNS as we WIND through this WHIMSICAL, fun-filled program that features magic and puppets and comedy and lots of books! Patrons will CHARGE to the shelves to check out books about FAIRY TALES, UNICORNS, DRAGONS, FANTASY and more once this show APPEARS at your library.

MAKE CONTACT now while we still have SPACE on our calendar!

Show is designed to perfectly complement the Summer Reading theme for 2020 “Imagine Your Story” – fairy tales, mythology & fantasy.”


Keep parents happy and ensure that the kids in your program get something a little extra with a fun and interactive shows that parents will be delighted to hear about!

Everyone LOVES our fun and interactive style! We use highly visual props, incredible bubbles and age appropriate humor to keep the children attentive and engaged.

We have SIX incredible shows designed specifically for ages 3 – 8. Our shows include:

  • The Little Friends Show – Friends Care, Friends Share

  • The Really BIG Magical Books Show – Readers become Leaders

  • Sushi the Magic Goldfish - Kindness and Friendship are Magical!

  • The Happy Teeth Show – Giving Our Kids Something to Smile About!

  • The Just for FUN Show – Smiles, Giggles and Laughs for everyone!

  • The Fantabulous Foam Show!  

  • Ms. DJ's  BUBBLE SHOW – Little Bubbles – Big Bubbles – Giant Bubbles – Bouncing Bubbles – Smoke Filled Bubbles and      MORE!   

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