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Bubble show parties are a fun and entertaining way to celebrate special occasions, especially for children's birthdays or as children's entertainment at corporate events. Everyone asks “What’s in your special bubble fluid?” as they watch us create bubbles of all shapes and sizes. It really is a “secret formula…you can learn which ingredients are key to making a good bubble solution.

Here's a breakdown of some of the fun!

  1. Bubble Demonstration: The highlight of a bubble show party is a zillion bubbles!  Our bubbleologist uses different bubble-making tools such as wands, hoops, and bubble machines to create bubbles of various sizes, shapes, and colors. 

  2. Interactive Activities: Bubble show parties often include interactive activities to engage the participants. Children and even adults can have the chance to step inside giant bubbles, chase and pop smaller bubbles, or try their hand at creating their own bubbles with the guidance of the bubble artist.

  3. Games and Challenges: Bubble-themed games and challenges can add an element of friendly competition to the party. Examples include bubble-catching contests to see who can catch the most bubbles.

  4. Bubble Stations: Bubble stations give children the opportunity for hands on bubble-related experiences.

  5.  Stand in a Bubble! Every child (adults too) wants to be inside a giant bubble! We make that happen by creating a giant bubble around our young (and young-at-heart) guests. The most memorable photos happen here!

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