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Big Bubbles make the most incredible parties and kids love them. Bazillion Bubbles Show combines the visual excitement of giant bubbles with fun education and hands-on activities. Kids and adults have an opportunity to use unique bubble-making tools, and use our “Super-Secret” bubble fluid that makes incredible bubbles!

Bubble Stations

Our Bubble Stations include exciting activities that also teach key bubble concepts like physics, shapes, or chemistry. Each station gives kids (adults too) a fun hands-on opportunity to learn and play.

Step in a Bubble

Every child (adults too) wants to be inside a giant bubble! We make that happen by creating a giant bubble around our young (and young-at-heart) guests. The most memorable photos happen here!

Bubble Art

Painting without a brush…Bubble Art. Kid-size easels where each young guest can use bubble wands and bubble guns, plus a variety of colored bubble fluids, to make their own take-home masterpiece.

Make Your Own Bubble Wand

A make-it and take-it project! Everyone can stretch their creativity with unique things like pipe cleaners, straws, and yarn, and we  help them make their very own take-home bubble wand in whatever color, size, and shape they create.

Shapes & Sizes

Shapes are always entertaining. A wide variety of bubble wands in unique shapes and sizes fill this station. Big, small, weird or wild…whatever the shape of the wand the bubble is always a sphere. This fun station teaches about shapes, sizes and even the physics of why bubbles are always round.

Bubble Chemistry

Everyone asks “What’s in your special bubble fluid?” as they watch us create bubbles of all shapes and sizes. It really is a “secret formula…you can learn which ingredients are key to making a good bubble solution.

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